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TED’s Guide to what the Wholesale Stock Associate does around here
Ted’s Mission Statement

TED’s Guide to what the Wholesale Stock Associate does around here

Our Mission is to build a successful company through the creation of a leading designer brand. By conducting ourselves in an efficient and courteous manner and by maintaining Ted’s high standards and integrity, we pride ourselves in always being in a position to satisfy the needs of our customer. In order to protect the ethos and persona for which we have gained an enviable reputation, we always ask ourselves the question: ‘Would Ted do it that way?’ 
Purpose of the role
The principal duty of the Wholesale Stock associate is to organize and monitor seasonal samples and supplies to maximize efficiency. The stock associate must demonstrate skills, such as organizational planning and strong team communication. This position is instrumental to the function of the wholesale selling process as well as overall showroom organization.
The stock associate will be responsible for managing storage rooms and storage areas throughout our wholesale showroom as well as incoming shipments that concern the wholesale division. A positive attitude, sense of enthusiasm and ability to multitask are musts for every day.
Tools of the Trade…..
  • Stock, Distribution Center, or retail experience preferred
  • High school diploma/ GED or equivalent preferred
  • Good reading, written and verbal language skills (English)
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to maintain flexibility
  • Basic math skills
  • Ability to move and/ or lift up to 50 pounds: heavier merchandise with team assist
Ted’s Core Competencies
  • Satisfy the needs of our customer, always 
  • Pursue growth and opportunities through initiative and proactivity 
  • Build open and honest relationships with clear communication 
  • Create a positive team environment, encourage collaboration 
  • Be proud, passionate, motivated, committed 
  • Take ownership, be accountable 
  • Encourage organisation, high standards and efficiencies 
To apply for this role, please send your CV to

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