How To Build A Brand

How to Build a Brand is a complete guide for designing and creating successful fashion brands.

We have launched on Amazon Kindle with our first Volume.
There are 4 Volumes in total.  
The last Edition will have Case Studies from Brands eM Productions has built: Mara Hoffman, Iro, Ace&JIg, The Odells, Veda, Botkier, Zadig&Voltaire and more.  The mission is to build and grow a line as a powerful brand in the industry.

Lisa Elliot-Rosas is a successful owner of notable showrooms in New York and Los Angeles, eM Productions and has developed countless fashion lines during the course of her 25 year career. She also designs and co-owns her own clothing brand Furo. 

The complete series will walk you through the thinking, planning and actions necessary to produce a successful fashion brand from start to finish. The information is highly interactive and includes exercises and worksheets to assist you through the process.

Volume 1 covers the pre-sale process of creating a brand before you begin designing and includes information that will help you create a logo, discover your target demographic and create a complete plan for a creating a fashion line that can sell in the marketplace.

Enjoy Volume One Here!

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